Coming November & December 2016





It’s the most wonderful time of the year at Prohibition Supperclub and the Moonlight Dolls are here to present the holiday musical Tales of a Hard Nut, a burlesque-inspired adaptation of the timeless classic The Nutcracker. This is immersive theatre where you are the star of the show! Through veils of glistening snowflakes and song, our majestic odeum transforms into the Stahbaums’ annual Christmas party - only this year you and your guests are invited to dine on world-class, seasonally-decorated cuisine while partaking in holiday games and festivities. 18-year-old Clara Stahbaum is the most excited of all - especially after her Godfather Drosselmeyer, an odd and eccentric toymaker, presents her with a magnificently beautiful nutcracker. With booty-shakin’ music, hilarious comedy and spirited dancing the party carries on long after the stroke of midnight. Clara would love nothing more to have her first waltz, but all the other guests are too busy dancing to pay her any mind.

As the hours pass, Clara cozily drifts off into dreamland and suddenly awakes in a surreal universe where her now-lifesize Nutcracker has come to life and is fighting for his life against an army of mice! Our quick-thinking heroine saves her toy by flinging her golden slipper onto the Rat King’s head. As they narrowly escape, Clara finds that she’s made a new wooden friend that she playfully calls “Woody.”

Magically, the grateful Nutcracker turns into a handsome prince and leads her on an adventurous journey to the Land of Sweets where they meet the glittering and graceful, though immodestly-dressed, Sugar Plum Fairy. Impressed by the bravery of the young duo, she takes them on a VIP tour of the enchanted Candy Castle where every holiday treat one can imagine has also come to life to dance in lavish cavalcade of Christmas cheer! Sitting on thrones like a king and his blushing queen, Clara and the Woody are famously entertained by showstopping numbers and you are in the center of it all. Nervously, but with great charm, the prince finally invites Clara’s to waltz to the iconic tune of The Nutcracker. Delighted, she slowly takes his hand and dances merrily amidst the hurrahs of her candy-filled friends. When the song is over she happily falls into a deep sleep. The next morning, she awakes underneath the Christmas tree with the nutcracker, now only a toy, staring blankly into her eyes. Was it only a dream? Find out this season at Prohibition Supperclub.



Our most popular show format!  Purchase your tickets than enjoy a 3 course dinner prepared by Chefs Matt Wommack and Ben McPherson!  The required pre-fixe dinner is $45 payable at the end of your meal.



Dress Code: Formal, Semi-formal, or in theme.  Button up long sleeve shirts, dress shoes, are required.  No athletic attire is permitted.

Valet Parking is available at the corner of Prairie and Main St.